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Momentan lebe ich zusammen mit den beiden Kaninchen Kasi und Sissi und dem Cuy-Bock Fidelius sowie dem Meerschweinchen Rocky. Die Vier haben ihr eigenes Zimmer.


Ich habe einen extra Instagram-Account eingerichtet. Eigentlich wollte ich ja meine ganzen Hasenfiguren posten, nun sind es aber erstmal Bilder der Tiere :-)




Kasis Lieblingsplatz im Wohnzimmer

Fidelius versteckt sich im Eimer

Kasi nascht

Aktuelle Meeribilder. Siehe Beitrag zur Fleecehaltung.
Rocky links, Fidelius rechts.

Hier noch einige Bilder von der problemlosen Vergesellschaftung Kasi und Lilli mit Sissi - mit Cuychen als Mitbewohner. War im Mai 2013.

Inspiriert von SOS-Meerschweinchen werde ich jetzt umbauen und mal die Fleece-Haltung ausprobieren. Ist schon alles bestellt bzw. besorgt und bald kann es losgehen.

13.07.2012  190 g 
21.08.2012  400 g
02.09.2012  500 g
21.09.2012  570 g
18.10.2012  632 g
 25.11.2012  750 g 
01.12.2012  776 g
 20.12.2012  750 g 
 04.01.2013  850 g 
25.12.2014 1250 g
04.04.2015 1250 g
04.12.2015 1250 g

03. Oktober 2012   neue Schweinchenbilder

Fidelius, mein Cuy-Bock

2006 - 6.6.2012

2006 - 19.03.2012

2007 - 06.12.2011

July 9th, 2011  Cuddling rabbits :o)

May 4th, 2011 
Some new pictures

November 19th
Everything is calm, everybody is healthy, nothing is broken ;o).

November 3rd
Sleeping Beauty ;o)

September 20th
Fiepser escaped from my lap and steals the rabbits´ water


August 31st


August 23rd 

Bunny Art ;o)

August 9th

This is Kishan, one of my 2 Guinea Pigs. Finally I am able to make good and cute pictures. :o)

Poor Kishan has probably jammed his foot, it was swollen and hard. So I went to the vet and now Kishan has this bandage you can see in the picture.

Kishan is 3 1/2 years old and I got him from the Meerschweinchenhilfe, a Guinea Pig helping- and  placement association.

August 4th
Picture Time!

July 16th 
Since I am waiting for my new camera, here are some older pictures of my rabbits that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Gerri was my first rabbit ever, a few years ago. I got him from the local shelter. He was handicapped, his hind legs were stiff and he could not jump. 
He was a cutie and he loved to cuddle. Unfortunately he died quite young. Since he also had 6 claws on each foreleg and he had no testicles the vet and I think that his handicaps were not limited to his legs but also to his whole body. Poor baby Gerri, but he was a happy little guy and I love him :o)

Daisy was a "present" from a collegue because her son of 6 years did not want her anymore. I was looking for a partner for Gerri and so I took Daisy.
She was very aggressive.
She always was a little asymmetric in her face (which you might see in the picture), but since I could not touch her without her growling and biting I decided to leave her alone and that worked fine. After a few weeks she came to me and I was even able to pet her. We were on the way to become friends.
But the asymmetry of her face turned out to be an abcess of her teeth and when it turned really big over night I already had set up an operation date on Monday, but she died very fast, on Sunday.
I think Daisy was happy to spend her last weeks with us, she and Gerri liked each other. She was not alone and unwanted anymore.

Well, Lucille was really special, too. I got her and Kasi together from a private shelter.
She was a beautiful colored red Rex and we always called her "cangaroo" because she looked like one and she was a real kickboxer. She was very, very greedy and very, very nosy. She was not the typical timid rabbit people think of. Lucille was a little over 2kg and she was very strong and could jump real high which caused problems as she always managed to get into the kitchen somehow. (Our rabbits don´t live in cages, they share a part of the apartment with us, just like cats do)
Lucille died of an abcess, too. Something called actinomycete (ray fungus), but it it not a fungus, it is a bacterial (?) infection that spreads abcesses around the body.
I spent many hours at the vet with her, one time during an operation she decided to die. She just did not breathe anymore. I was so shocked (I was in the OP room), but the doctor managed to wake her up again.
But sadly, she had to be euthanized after the next OP for with this kind of infection a cure is not possible. She was 3 years old.

After Lucille´s death I was so sad to have lost 3 animals in 2-3 years, I had actually decided to give Kasi away, but fortunatelly I did not. rabbits can make you so happy. They can also be a pest, but most of the time they are just wonderful companions.

June 21st
What´s so attractive about these telephone wires? 
They´ve destroed the fourth wire now. Somehow they managed to get behind the paravent and luckily telephone cables seem to taste better than electrical cables.

June 16th
I think this pregnancy thing is over. She´s more quiet now and doesn´t pinch her fur anymore, at least I haven´t seen her doing it.
I wish I could upload some photos, but somehow this doesn´t work at the moment. :o(

June 14th
Lilli is suffering from phantom pregnancy (thanks dict.leo.org :o)  )
I don´t think she is actually suffering, but she is behaving aggressive against Kasi, and so he fights back.
She grabs hay and fur and keeps it in her mouth, and she has built a nest behind the door. Kind of funny, but I hope it will not happen too often so that she has to be spayed. And I hope it is not too stressfully for both of them.

Got a new scale today. I ordered it on Amazon only yesterday afternoon.
And this morning I just had to weigh Kasi again, and on the new scale his weight is normal - 1856 g ...   :o)
Kasi ist still fine, but I´ll keep an eye on him...
Tomorrow my nose will be having a hard day...we´re going to "Aus Liebe zum Duft" in Bruchsal!!
I already have written down all the perumes I want to test...more than 50, but that´ll be way too much for poor nosey ;o) . I´ll have to pick about 20. I´m curious about these Oud-scents and I need something fruity. All I have is dark, woody and musky. I even use my old Yves Rocher Pear EdT at the moment. It still smells good though.
Although the weather is not very spring- and fruity -like. We had 7°C this morning. Freeeeeeeezing!!!

Worrying about Kasi....he lost 600g since I weighed him last time, which is, as I admit, a long long time ago. I think I have to go to the vet with him to get him checked. Maybe it´s been the stress and the new amount of moving since Lilli is here- I hope it is! He´s very fit and everytime we leave the paper door open for a few seconds, that little fellow trots into the bedroom, he´s so cute!